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About Me

Just incase you actually want to know anymore about me...(for any publishers out there..*wink *wink) here is a page that describes me and gives any needed info on me.

The first book i ever wrote was when i was about six. i wrote and illustrated a story called "the time machine." to put it bluntly, it sucked, what do you want, i was six. after that i quite writing and started back when i was eleven. since then my writing skills have improved and now im looking to get published. im planning to major in writing and journalism and minoring in photography starting and hinds community college for one year, then going to ole miss for the remaining three, needless to say, this will be expensive. im not saying that getting published will make me rich, but seriously, anything fuckin' helps. I really just want my writings to be read, thats what im mainly looking for anyways. well, thats about it, now, all this time that you've wasted reading trivial shit about me, you could have been reading cool interesting FICTIONAL stuff on my other pages, go, read, seriously, GO!


REAL NAME: J.J. Johnson

AGE: 16

PEN NAME: J.J. Johnson III (its a long story that involves a 9 year old, a guy named ed, and years and years of lying lol..)

STATE: Mississippi

PUBLISHER: None, yet

HOBBIES: writing, anime, skateing, drawing, music (listening and playing, sometimes), video games, swords, japanese culture (mainly feudal era), and other such activities.

FAV. BANDS: system of a down, the pillows (japanese), incubus, red hot chili peppers, black sabbath, lynard skynard, pantera, cases of june, bowling for soup, JOHNNY CASH, matisyahu, sublime, kid rock, linkin park, tenacious d, korn, blink 182, bush, eminem, fall out boy, gorillaz, green day, mc chris, metalica, my chemical romance, nirvana, primus, puddle of mudd, silver chair, wierd al, 311, slipknot, rolling stones, nine inch nails, papa roach, (very few) nickle back, beck, ten years, counting crows, 3rd eye blind, weezer, seether, good charlette, disturbed, bucket head, bon jovi, avenge sevenfold, 3 doors down, sum 41, soggy bottom boys ( :P), jimmi hendrix, godsmack, cky, crash test dummies, snoop dogg, mars volta, toby keith, tim mcgraw, josh turner, brad paisley, tracy lawrence, x-japan, the youth ahead. this is a few of my favorites, i thrive on music.

thank you for looking at my writings!

signed:J.J. Johnson III