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Jachob stryder was born June 6, 1992, in a town in not far west from the grand Mississippi river, in hannibal missouri. he supposedly died 14 years later on June 6, 2006.

A normal birth brought Jachob into this world, his mother, 28 at the time, cherished him. for the first few years of his life, everything was normal. almost so normal that it was abnormal. two parents, a private school, everything normal. but around the third grade, he started showing signs of a slight abnormality, his intelligence. It started slowly but over years it gained speed. then, around the sixth grade, jachobs teacher sugested to his parents that he needed to go get tested for his I.Q. They did as suggested and went to a doctor and let jachob take the I.Q test, his face, grew paler with every passing minute that he took the test, he was growing, not only intellectually, but also, his anger.

a few weeks after, the test results were in the mailbox at the modest stryder home. the meek mother and father sat on the couch with the pale vanilla envelope on the table in front of them, they were scared that the teacher was wrong, what if he wasnt a genius, what if he were just normal. after getting so worked up when they heard of their child supposedly being a genius, what would they do if they were wrong? all that aside, they opened the envelope anyway. It revealed that Jachob did indeed have an exceptionally high I.Q. '' when jachob hears this, he's going to be so exited!" the mother and father thought, " he'll love it!'' but when they told him the news, no exitement, no sadness, no happiness, no expression. he did not show dissapointment of joy, he did not show any emotion to speak of. his pale face just stared back at his overjoyed parents with a blank look on his young face.

the next year of school passed by quickly, the news of jachob stryders genius came and went. he took his place as the class "nerd" at the school, as well as, what his peers called, the class "weirdo". But, even though they talked about him, the never actually ridiculed him, some would try, but as soon as he even looked their way, they would get a strange feeling of greif, and even sometimes regret, as if they just saw their own life, as well as their death, go by in an instant.

It was the summer after the seventh grade that jachob started thinking about his own humanity. Things such as heaven, hell, life, death, suicide, murder, and other very grim things were common subjects in his discussions and writings, keeping a small, black, unorganized notebook at his side all the time, his crooked handwriting could be seen on torn notebook pages hanging out in every direction. all of these things, however, paled in comparrison to how much he thought of one thing, what happens. he thought about the after life so much that he eventually became obsessed with it, pictures of hell that he sketched out were hung in his room, reports and essays could be found on his desk, some of religion and others on things such as famous murderers, manson, bundy, gein, are just a few to mention. he had to know, he must find out, he HAD to. it was around this time that his parents become somewhat worried, but, it was too late.


thank you for looking at my writings!

signed:J.J. Johnson III