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chapter 2 of "prelude to a madman


the scene in the stryder family room on the day of June 6, 2006, was truly a greusome sight to behold. a pool of blood branched out into crimson rivers running along the crescent were the wall met the floor. Presumed dead, the pale body of jachob stryder was put on a stretcher and led out the front door by two policemen. for the parents, time seemed to stand still, but the world would soon know the same feeling. the parents may have lost a son, but the world had gained a new leader

arie and Joe stryder decided to have a traditional funeral in their ancestors homeland, Greece. They would have the body of their son, as well as any family in america, shiped over to greece immediantly. the family arrived a day early, Marie crying almost instantly as soon as she walked off of the plane. the body was to arrive the next day. that night, the family greifed the loss of the family prodigy, they would rejoice for the good times though few. they would take joy and greif in the same, saying what a fine success he would have been. none of them really realized that his genius was what actually caused his supposed demise.

The next morning arrived and Joe and his brother, John, got up early to meet the flight carrying the body of Jachob, but the already greif ridden father was in for a devestating surprise whe he reached the airport. "the body, has, disappeared." the gaurd wearing blue explained, a fake cough thrown in because he couldnt beleive what he just actually said. "what do you mean DISAPPEARED?" the father started to yell. "there was a mix up on the flight plan and the body was shipped to.....shipped to..'' The gaurd stopped. "to where?!" " the african coast.."

his eyes slowly opened to almost pure darkness, trying to adjust to the small amount of light that was coming through the solid incasing of what would have been his last bed. the scene outside of his encasement was that of a dark and dirty beach, smoke rising above the already gray skies. jachob opened his eyes wide, to take in the small amount of light so he could relax his mind and gather his thoughts. slowly his senses, starting with his normal sight, returned to him. it was not long before his ear picked up the familar sound of a crackling fire, this reminded him of the family bon fire/barbeques that were held every other weeked at the stryder home. "no time to think of such trivial things" jachob thought to himself. soon, his smell came back and automatically expected the familar smell of beed and chicken cooked on an open flame, but instead of that familar smell, and familar scene of the backyard cookout, there came the unfamilar smell that jachob had only smelled a few times in his life, whenever something at a bon fire went wrong and someone was burned, the smell of burning flesh, only in an intensity that jachob had never once imagined.

thesmell rushed up his nose making him gag repeatedly for a few minutes at the thought of what it actually was. he decided that he would get out and look around, but, he couldnt move, not out of restraint or lack of room in the coffin, but out of fear. What if hell did exist, well, that would have finally answered his question, but, at what cost? could he really be doomed to spend an eternity in a hell of brimstone and burning flesh? Slowly, arm quaking, he reached up to open the top of his coffin, he moved the door inch by inch until it was finally open. he expected the red dirt caves and lava pits that he used to see in old cartoons that he watched saturdays but, instead he saw a grey sky with pillars of smoke rising above him. "is this, what is this" he couldnt help but speak alound as he sat up, somewhat faster because of the releif that he was not in hell, or at least not in anything he thought hell to be.

he turned his head and looked at his surroundings. sand, water, and piles of burning bodies with dark greyish black smoke coming up from them. "where am i?" jachob thought to himself, his normal black expression was traded in for a look of wanderment and surprise. "is this, is it the after life" but this couldnt be it. at this thought, a small group of four or five people came out of the woods close to where jachob was. dark black skin and long black hair, they were wearing what looked to be a tribal costume of sorts. they were carrying something wrapped in a white sheet, something long, 5 to 6 feet jachob thought. when they threw it onto the fire jachob realized what it was. he stared into the flame, and saw solid black figures, with rips of pink in their skin, the smell rushed up his nostrals and he gagged, again realizing what he was smelling and looking at. "where the hell am i?"


thank you for looking at my writings!

signed:J.J. Johnson III