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a giants life a giants death

the inspiration for this came a few years ago when i wrote a short book that began with an immense battle between two ganglords. this, however, is focused mainly around the old west draws. but if your more into urban stuff that the old west than it can be either, whatever floats your boat.

a shot rang out through the streets. at this time, everything was still, did it hit? it was impossible to tell, between the midnight fog and the blood that was glazed over what was now his only good eye. a man on the side of the street, barely alive, looked up to see two giants. both with one arm stretched out. a small glare of moonlight off of the 7 1/2 inch barrel of the legends six shot. streets running crimson with blood from many men, but the final victor is not determined by how many were lost and on what side, but by the two standing now. who won? who would fall first? for so short of a time did nothing happen, but seemed like a millenium of peace hidden by war. a giant on the left, a giant on the right, both still as a stone cold statue. lakes of blood collecting under both, rivers branching off said lakes. could either survive? either way. this is what the giant on the left thought to himself, if they both have to die then so be it, atleast it would bring peace. the giant on the right thought nothing, his only thought was on survival, to continue his tyranny. a slow silent moan is barely heard by the man on the side. one giant starts to shake, and then, to his knees, to his arms, to the ground. it is over, one giant survives, there is peace, for now, and for as long as he shall live.

thank you for looking at my writings!

signed:J.J. Johnson III