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this surely is a dream...........

this is a short that was inspired from a dream i had once..(thus the title, that and the "sex and candy" song just kinda fit when i played it in my mind as a background, lol)
its got an extremely important moral and learn my kiddies, lol

"so cold......" thats all i could say, i lay there, still as stone, thousands of pictures and memories rushing through my mind at once, every second seemed like years..... it was just the other day that i thought about it....death, something i knew nothing about. the smell of blood was all i could smell...even though there was none around me. my lungs filled in with the dirty air around me in the factory, they emptied with a long weeze. was i to die here, alone, in a dark factory, laying in a thick layer of dust... i wanted to laugh at myself for letting this happen....i wanted to die with a lover, or in a blaze of glory, instead, i lie on a dust floor, awaiting the enebitable swing of the grim reapers scythe. i breathed one last lungs filled with the dirty air in the factory, and, they emptied, expelling my last breath on this world....i did not say goodbye, i did not smile, i did not frown, i just died, on a dusty factory floor.

the next thing i knew, i was standing in a plain white as snow, in front of a immense black gate with a gigantic eye carved into the center, the gate started to open, inside there was a mass of darkness, nothing else, but then, slowly, two by two, eyes started to appear, each with blood red pupils, shining in the darkness. a blood curdaling grim followed on each pair of eyes. out of the darkness, arms started to appear and reach out toward me, grabbing my leg and my arm, pulling me into the darkness from whence they came! i started to sweat and cry as i tried to escape, crawling on my fours into the white. blood was seaping from the tears in my skin from the fingers of the arms....was this hell, was this the thing that they warned me about through all of my life? i froze, the arms froze, then they retreated back into the darkness, the gates shut with a large grinding bang. tears were still flowing from my eyes as i fell to the invisible groud below me and i passed out once more.

i awoke, this time, i was in a green field, the sky so blue, the clouds slowly passing by. now, i was infront of a huge golden gate, the sunshine came from nowhere and hit the bars of the grate, a glare hit my face, a warm sensation filled my body, no more tears, my body felt more comfortable than it ever did when i was alive. the gate started to open, as the black one before it, but instead of evil eyes and evil grins, there was laughter, and faces of the angel, wing spread as a was wonderful...i was happy, once again tears started to flow from my eyes, only this time, they were tears of happiness. but then, it all started to fade.

i awoke once again, i slowly opened my eyes and saw the white sponge painted ceiling, i was in my bed room, i looked to my right and saw the women i fell in love with, i looked to my right and saw the dog we got when we moved in together. i thought to myself, "a dream? but it was so real, how, and the factory, it was the same factory me and my freinds used to sneak into when i was a kid, so, a memory?" i dont know, for all i did know, it could have been a vision of what could possible await me, where i could be heading. a smile creeped on my face as i let out a small laugh...and i looked back to my right, at my beutiful lover, and i slowly faded back to sleep, thinking to myself, whever i go, the black or the gold, i am glad i spent what i could here.

Author: J.J. Johnson

the morale of this story is to enjoy what you have while you have it, because it can be taken away at any moment, whether you want it to or not, so enjoy life, make it your own, otherwise, your wasting it and do not deserve to have it.

thank you for looking at my writings!

signed:J.J. Johnson III