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i sit in the dark light

I sit in the dark light
I am blinded, it's so bright
The burning deep inside my body
My heart breaks to flames of truth
I am the proof
It's impossible to be alone forever
Flaming flames burn the treasure
My power breaks
My circuits flood
Standing on the shore
Watching the stream of blood
Crying out for the dark to be darker
Praying there was a god to be closer
Hearing screams
Having Dreams
Close my eyes
Stay asleep
Don't want to rise
I wade out deep in the waterless stream
I scream as the blood surrounds me
Caught in the flood is were I want to be
Take one last breath and fall slowly
Death holds me closely
As I see the redness wrap me up tight
I smile to myself, now I am alright.

thank you for looking at my writings!

signed:J.J. Johnson III