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life and death

i wrote this upon thinking of humans and the fact that many of them claim to fear nothing wich is an impossibility. its human nature to have fears and it is impossible to not have any....

.humanity, cowerdess, these words can be put extremly close together. cowerdess, running away, every human being is guilty of it at one point or another. we run, we hide, its natural. we all have fears. but why do we let these fears take control of us? we cannot let things we are afraind of take control and make us waste our life. youve heard me say this many times before but ill say it again, if you waste your life be afraid, pissed, depressed, ect., than your stupid and proly dont deserve to live in the first place. this may be a little harsh but that doesnt change the fact. one of humanitys biggest fears, is the inebitable, death. we dont like thinking about it. that one day we will die, it cannot be avoided, it is inebitable. so this fact been said, then why do people waste it? dont be depressed, dont be pissed all the time, dont waste what life you have, it can end at any moment. this is what i say to everyone i know, but people have made a habit of ignoring me. there are six people that i know that listed to me, me and these six will live a good life...will you?

this message brought to you by a pissed off 16 year old----J.J.

i think the moral of this is pretty obvious, comment it if you could, say what you think....

thank you for looking at my writings!

signed:J.J. Johnson III