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my feelings on the theory that Jesus has decendents in now times.

personally, im somewhat neutral on the theory, though i must say that it does seem very plausible if not very believable. i was raised as a southern babtist and for a year, maybe two, i was very strictly religeous, even thought these days i really lean more towards buddhism than evan christianity even thought i consider myself a christian. just to get this out of the way, i've studied different types of religion and i have to say to people who find christianity stupid arent really payin to much attention, does Christ dying on the cross and coming back really sound anymore ridicules than Buddah sitting under a tree for 20 years, and God himself is up on the throne laughing at all the scientologist. anyways, back to the point, i find the da vinci code to be a damn fine peice of literature, but nothing else than that, a damn fine peice of fiction. back in the 1980's was when something like this, something that clamed that Jesus had decendents, first came out to the public. a book called "holy blood, holy grail" came out in 1982 i think. this stated that their was a french parish preist that was very poor, he, however, suddenly became very rich. it was stated that the reason was when he was renovating his church, he knocked over a podeum with some old scrolls in the podium base, these scrolls were suppose to state that Jesus did have decendents, and, to keep his mouth shut, one theory is that the vatican, a major power in those times and in recent history, paid him off. this was proven false some time later though, in truth, the preist actually just performed some "fake" religious stuff and then accepted money for it anyways. he was banned because of this. the book also mentions a number of times, by that i mean a major part of it, a secret society. its french in name and i can only remember its last word so "something de sion" look on the rotten library for more information on that secret society, a link is on my link page. the list of members for this society, published in the late 1900's because of a french law that required all organizations to registar with the Gov., included some very famous names, da vinci included. the book also mentions one major thing about the holy grail, a main part in the later book "the da vinci code". the authors of the book theorize that the grail, long believed to be the challace Jesus drank from at the last supper, is actually the bloodline of Jesus himself. i personaly think that if these two books are true and right, that that is what the holy grail really is, proof of this is in a southern france folk tale about mary magdalin. it says that she escaped persocution after the cruxifiction (conjuction juction, whats your to southern france and brought the holy grail, however, its a historical fact that she had no personal or any other manner of items with her, other than a daughter and possibly a son. anyways, as i said, i still personaly beleive both books to be a damn fine peice of fictional literature and nothing else, though i do suggest both of them to anyone interested. Feelings on this? contact me to put in your opinion and ill post it under this segment.

thank you to the library and archives as well as the history channel website and archives for information used on this segment.

thank you for looking at my writings!

signed:J.J. Johnson III