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his final breath

the relationship between church and science

Flames tore at his tattered body. He could hear the onlookers shouting insults, getting their pleasure from his pain. He was mocked, ridiculed, and beaten. The once small fire was growing in heat and intensity, licking harshly at the soles of his feet.

The physical pain, though, was nowhere near unbearable as the hurt in his heart. These were the same people he was trying to reach. The people he was out to minister to. He had healed those that were sick, eased the burden of those that were weak, and comforted those that were in pain. But they didnt care. They believed the wicked accusations brought against him. They accepted the lies told about him. They supported his torment. And still he loved them.

He saw it as his duty to remove the pain in their lives, to save them from their own ignorance. He wanted nothing more than their happiness, but they didnt understand. He cried out in agony, "O God, why have you forsaken me". God had left him here, to die, his work unfinished. But still he had hope. Not for himself, but for those to come. He had hope for those who would carry on his work, those who would take up his mission. It would be far into the future before anyone would accept what he preached, but the day would come.

As the flames grew the pain quickly became unbearable. He looked to the sky and caught his last glimpse of nature's beauty. He drew his last breath and uttered, in a barely audible whisper, his final words. "It is begun", he said in agony as his body went limp. Flames spread across his lifeless corpse and in that instant the place went silent.

The once unruly crowd went quiet as the man before them departed this life. Many reflected on his final words. For it had begun. The man was a man of science, Convicted by the church of heresy and sentenced to death. His healing medicine was considered witchcraft and his theories were called the influence of Satan. He was condemned, executed, and soon forgotten over the years.

But now it has been overturned. The Bible is now considered a collection of fairy tales and Jesus is just legend. The church is a collection of ignorant fanatics who practice foolish rituals and God is rejected by a society that no longer needs him. But whos to say that either side is right.

The church has rejected scientific research for centuries, claiming that faith is the only way to live ones life, and that you should remain ignorant and question nothing. But didnt the God that created the universe also create the laws that govern it? Did he not create each and every atom that we are composed of? Did he not create the mind that gives us the freedom to accept or reject him?

And science. They claim that we evolved from a primordial soup and somehow choose the right evolutionary road that led us to dominance over the planet. If thats so than how is everything in the universe so complex and completely, 100 erfect for sustaining life?

My final question is why cant the two be reconciled. Many have tried, but both sides have been entirely unwilling to try. Its as if a barrier stands between religion and science, making them unable to see the reason lying behind one anothers method. Their goal is one in the same: To discover the truth. The truth is simple. Humans are fools. We are stubborn, closed minded, and unable to believe that things arent always the way we see them.

If we would open our eyes, we would see that there are two sides to every coin. There is Reason and Madness. Order and Chaos. Good and Evil. Is it possible to look at a sunset and see the majesty of God and the reason of science? I think so.

thank you for looking at my writings!

signed:J.J. Johnson III