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" 'Utterly senseless' says Qoheleth, 'It is all meaningless. Everything is but a vapor.' "

Qoheleth, "The Teacher"

Senseless. Life is definitely senseless. Look around. Everywhere you go there is Death. War. Famine. Hunger. Hate. Why is this? Why do we feel the need to hurt and destroy each other? Why can't we get along?

You can't turn around without facing the reality of the world. It's everywhere. Is there even one of us who hasn't lost at least one of our loved ones? Who hasn't had their heart broken, countless times? Who hasn't felt that deep dark hole, right there in the middle of your heart? That hole that seems to suck you in. No matter how good things get, no matter what happiness you think you find, its always there. Eating at the back of your mind, causing you to wonder just how long your happiness will last before your next downfall.

So where do we find happiness? Where exactly is fulfillment? Where is that place, in which we can rest and know that everything will be all right? Many question, but alas, no answers to be found. Many have searched high and low for these answers. And many have had different conclusions. But why does it matter. Think about it...

What is wisdom and knowledge? If you know the answers, what good does that do you? Just like the fools and the idiots of this world, you will die. Knowledge is meaningless. Wisdom gets you just as far as ignorance. The one with answers will die just as surely as the without them.

Not only is knowledge pointless, so is possessions. Where do they go when you die? They definitely won't do you any good. Where is Bill Gates' money going to go? To his son, wife or daughter? And what will they do with it when they die? Decades from now where exactly is the multi-billionaires money going to be? Right where he got it fromin the first place, the hands of the population. It's futile.

So if money, knowledge, and wisdom are all pointless, we may as well be ignorant bums living under a bridge. If it doesnt' bring lasting happiness and it isn't going to keep us from the grave, then why do we care about it so much? Why do we spend our lives trying to obtain knowledge and money, when we get nothing lasting out of it? No one will ever know everything and very few of us will ever become rich. So why do we try? Is there something in the human spirit that tells us we can do it and that once we do, it will be worth it? That if we just keep trying and trying until were old and the stress has filled our faces with wrinkles, that then, somehow, all of our hard work will make the life we've wasted worthwhile.

Why can't we just enjoy life? Of course there's always going to be work and labor, and things will be hard, and people will do us wrong. Why can't we just look past those bad things? Life is but a vapor. A short breath and its gone. Poof!

So, here is the conclusion: Live life to the fullest. Don't worry about searching for happiness, because it is a search that never ends. You'll never find it when you're looking for it. The key to happiness is simple: Don't try to find it, It will find you.

Enjoy every moment. Breathe every sweet, life-giving breath with pride. Follow your bliss and do what you love. Don't let other people try and tell you what the secret to happiness is, because the real secret is that it is unique to each and every one of us. Happiness is not to be gained through knowledge, money, alcohol, drugs, sex, or anything under the sun. Happiness is unconditional. You will finally find happiness when you realize that you don't have to earn it. Its the gift of humanity. And like a gift, it is given freely. Accept the gift. Accept happiness. Accept life...

"After looking at the way things are on this earth, here's what I've decided is the best way to live: Eat, drink and be merry. Make the most of whatever labor you have for as long as life is given unto you. And that's about it. That's the human lot.

We should make the most of what God gives, both the bounty and the capacity to enjoy it, accepting what's given and delighting in the work. It's the gift of God. He deals out joy in the present, the now. It's senseless to worry over how long we might live."

Qoheleth, "The Teacher"

thank you for looking at my writings!

signed:J.J. Johnson III